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  • FABULOUS NEW BOOKS by Marianne Williamson
  • Also, Bible Rings are in! Entire Lord's Prayer inscribed in a stainless steel band with a Cross.
  • Many new Angel books and cards
  • New CDs and DVDs

  • Herbal Toothpaste (Lmited time offer: FREE Toothbrush!)
  • Cold, Flu Immune Products Olive Leaf Oil
  • Papaya Facial Soap
  • Gymnea Herbal Green Tea
  • Kaboom Candles to help dispel negative energy!

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147 Highway #8, Unit 2
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at the corner of Gray Road)

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Humane Insection Control using Essentials Oils ... click here

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Just In! We are excited to announce that we have a two new series of essential oil inhalers. We almost sold out of our introductory batch but will have more on the shelves after Victoria Day.

Indigo Collection

  • Third Eye: to facilitate opening the third eye
  • Going Deeper: to facilitate achieving the meditation and healing intuitive states
  • Divination: to facilitate reception of messages from spirit guides and to assist in communicating those messages
  • Psychic Armour: to establish boundaries for self-protection while engaging in energy work
  • Lucid Dreams: to facilitate lucid dreams and the remembering of dreams
  • High Vibrations: to facilitate raising your vibration

Zodiac Collection

An inhaler blend suitable for each sign of the Zodiac signs to provide aroma support in the quest for excellence. A lot of research went into choosing the essential oil blend that resonates most with a particular sign and they seem to be getting quite the reaction!

We just received a large inventory of oil burners, crystals, incense burners, CDs, oracle cards and books

On another note, drums, Tibetan tingshas, and other musical items will be arriving soon to complement our selection of Tibetan singing bowls. Be sure to read our email updates so you don;#8217;t miss out (Join our Mailing List today)!